About Us

Price, reliability and quality are probably the three most important factors for most motorists in choosing the right workshop for vehicle maintenance and servicing.

With its expertise and long experience in the automotive industry, together with its price advantage due to economics of scale, Research Develop Yes Autocare (RDY) has been able to capture a significant portion of the maintenance, servicing and accident repair market in Singapore.

RDY offers value-for-money, quality one-stop automotive services for owners of private and commercial vehicles. From car servicing to car repairing and maintenance to accidents reporting, RDY takes car to new heights.

We have a group of expertise especially Richard Wong who is a Regional Go-Kart and Saloon Car Grande Prix Racer, share years experience in servicing and repair all kind of motorcars. But whatever their specialties are, they make sure all cars pass the comprehensive 14-point maintenance check and, it comes back to the customers in tip-top condition.

RDY is everything a motorist needs for peace of mind.