H1 Cool Blue Hyper White

OSRAM COOL BLUE - Stylish and safe
OSRAM COOL BLUE provides powerful light on the road. Its stylish bright bluish white is almost in the same league as the light from attractive XENON lamps.

Cool light, strong effect
COOL BLUE produces high-contrast light similar to natural daylight and is therefore easier on the eye than the light from conventional headlights. Its bright bluish white light has a colour temperature of up to 4000K. so it is not just an attractive lamp for style-conscious drivers it also puts many other "blue" lamps firmly in the shade. COOL BLUE H1 lamps have an eye-catching design. Behind the clear glass the silver cap blends perfectly with the reflector.

Features at a glance.
- Modern bright bluish-white light (up to 4000K, silmilar to light from xenon lamps).
- Up to 20% brighter then standard lamps*.
- High-contrast illumination of the road.
- Daylight colour.
- Optimised design with a silver cap (H7/H4), ideal for clear-glass headlights.
- Meets the strict quality requirements of car manufacturers.
- Stylish looks for design-conscious drivers.
* Subjective impression.


  • Manufactured by: OSRAM