OSRAM Silverstar

OSRAM SILVERSTAR - more power, greater safety
Drivers can rely on OSRAM SILVERSTAR lamps as powerful night-time companions. When the sun goes down, light is a precious commodity - and SILVERSTAR provides plenty of it.

Safety in the dark.
Long journeys at night call for full concentration on the part of the driver. A lamp with better illumination of the road will make driving easier and raise awareness considerably. Vehicles equipped with OSRAM SILVERSTAR therefore have a crucial advantage in terms of safety. Up to 50% more light on the road 50 to 75m in front of the vehicle enables drivers to see road signs, obstacles and other dangers sooner so they can react in good time.

SILVERSTAR speaks for itself

- Up to 50% more light on the road for greater safety.
- Up to 20m longer light beam, equivalent to four or five car lengths, giving extra reaction time.
- Modern design with silver cap, ideal for all clear-glass headlights (H4/H7).
- Meets the strict quality requirements of car manufacturers.
- The ideal family pf lamps for active drivers.

  • Manufactured by: OSRAM