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Make/Model: Chevrolet Optra, Manual
Dynotest On: installation of Pipercam 270°
An extremely increase of 11.8Hp on Flywheel, compare to the usual stock car of 107HP @5,800rpm &
An extremely increase of 11.8Nm on Torque, compare to the usual stock car of 150Nm@4,000rpm.

Image Flywheel (HP now at 118.8) Image On wheel (HP now at 99)

Model/Make: Chevrolet Aveo, Auto
DynoTest On: After installation of Pipercams 270° and tuning
Incredible Results:
Flywheel: Increase in 25.4Hp
Wheel: Increase in 19.8Hp

Image On Flywheel (Before & After) ImageOn wheel (Before & After)

Piper Cams are used by the majority of champions at all levels of motorsport. Lessons learnt here influence our designs in all other areas - including Fast Road.

BP255 (Approx 255 ° duration) Very mild road cam where low end improvements are needed

BP270 (Approx 270 ° duration) Fast road cam for use in otherwise unmodified engines

BP285 (Approx 285 ° duration) Top fast road cam for use in hot hatch and modified road engines

BP300 (Approx 300 ° duration) First stage competition cam, ideal rally cars, short circuit where some mid range is required

BP320 Top race profiles

To obtain maximum power from your Piper camshaft, it may be necessary to fit our ultra lightweight Cam pulleys. These ultra light dual units allow for simple, quick adjustment and the graded scale etched into the pulley allows you to be advancing or retarding cam timing will affect the torque/power characteristics of the engine.

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