Stainless Steel Drop-in Air Filter

(Available for Chevrolet Aveo / Optra / Cruze)


Stainless steel stock replacement air filters are renowned racing air filter elements, made of special stainless steel, with unique frame which is molded by using the most advanced one-piece extrusion technology. 

The stainless steel mesh features 200 x 200 mesh, ensuring improved dust absorption while giving you the best air permeability lasting for the life of your vehicle. Its corrugated air induction walls ensure maximum air volume intake from the outside in the most efficient and effective way. The corrugated walls also increase surface area promoting air flow, and as a result, can increase engine horsepower up to 7%. This air filter features solid construction, corrosion resistance, cold/heat resistance and is applicable under any climate and driving environment. It ensures engine operating life, and will require no replacement at all.

Nonwoven fabric(epoxy resin) stock replacement air filters can greatly increase air intake volumes and the air intake efficiency of engines. It is designed for use under both non pre-oiled and pre-oiled conditions, and is more dust-absorptive than original air filter models. It ensures extended engine operating life and smoother air intake.


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