BRISK Premium LGS Spark Plug

Unique patented spark plugs 

- completely new spark gap shape higher
- output better
- acceleration better
- utilisation of fuel energy - spark gap protruding extremely deep into the combustion chamber
- maximally long sliding spark (almost 3 mm)
- integrated ground electrode improving heat removal from the active part of the spark plug and ensuring optimal function

Ionisation and flashover occurs automatically at a point with an optimal composition of the fuel/air mixture. The spark gap is not shielded by the ground electrode, and the mixture can flow to it without limitation. Better ignition of the mixture and thus higher speed of combustion, faster flame spread, especially at the beginning of burning, results in better utilisation of fuel energy. Subsequent increase in the effective mean pressure in the engine cylinder and equalisation of the values of effective mean pressures in individual working cycles contributes to the increase in the engine output.

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