Enlargement Front Racing Brake Rotor Conversion

Enlargement Front Racing Brake Rotor Conversion
Aveo (upgrade disc size from 238mm to 286mm)
Optra (upgrade disc size from 258mm to 302mm)

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The benefits of a bigger slotted disc rotors:
1. Provides greater brake torque, therefore shortening the stopping distance.
2. Increased disc mass and heat capacity - lower chance of fading and warping.
3. Less wear on brake pads, reducing maintenance cost.
4. Lower maintenance cost by allowing you to use OE brake pads instead of expensive non-standard pads.
5. 100% high speed balanced with extended fixture for maximum contract between brake pad and rotor friction areas.
6. Slotted friction surface expel the material dust.
7. Visual Appeal - Big discs give the “muscle” look under larger wheels.

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